Carrot Cake Recipes

Carrot cake is a lovely, sweet cake that's perfect with tea or as an afternoon snack. It's a great way of getting vegetables into kids and adults alike without them realising what they're eating. Carrot cake is traditionally served with a creamy icing — cream cheese and white chocolate are popular choices. Read below for some classic carrot cake recipes as well as some tasty, modern twists on original recipes.

About Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is thought to have originated in England in the medieval times as sweeteners such as sugar were scarce and very expensive. Carrots were a very sweet, cheap alternative, and were used commonly in many desserts. It's thought that carrot cake may have had a revival in England after the war due to rationing, meaning sugar was again an expensive commodity.

Even though carrot cake has been popular over all of Europe for hundreds of years, it only started making appearances in American cookbooks in the 1900s, and it was then only in the 1960s that it became a common American cake.

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